Seasonal Pitches at Asaa Camping

Why you should be a seasonal camper at Asaa Camping

  • Beautiful and well maintained environment
  • Newly renovated sanitary building / kitchen on the edge of the campsite for the 2020 season
  • Large playground divided into large and small
  • Every Saturday free twist bread and coffee on the Bonfire
  • Helpful and hospitable seasonal guests
  • Our seasonal guests are just as welcome as our tourists.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In spring and autumn, you can rent the transit cabins at regular room rates.
    Adults DKK 80, – Children (2-11 years) DKK 45,- per person per night You must do the cleaning yourself before and after.
  • Rental of the comment room for 60 people. Price DKK 1.000,- (standard price DKK 1.500,-)

We’ll be happy to give you a tour and help you to find the right campsite for you.

On the map you can see the red marked spaces.

Season 2020 from Friday 03.04 to 27.09.2020:

The campsite will be on 03.04. Officially opened. Permanent campers can arrive on 28.03 with the caravan and set up. On Saturday, March 28, we will be offering coffee and cake from 2pm to 4pm. Immediately after order is a deposit of DKK. 500, -. The season course will be paid no later than 23.03.2020, the comfort seats will be paid on 01.02.2020.

Winter camping near harbor and beach

Bring your own caravan and enjoy the beautiful scenery here in our beautiful area. Of course, our new family room is open and heated, or rent a luxury cabin with its own bathroom and toilet. If the pond freezes, there is the possibility for ice skating.

Winter Open for pre-order!
Call before your arrival on 30312352 or send an e-mail to:
The reception is not staffed, but we can be contacted at any time by appointment, as we live on the square.

Pris pr. døgn:

Adult per. Person – DKK 80,-
Children per person – DKK 45,-
Electricity per day – DKK 35,-
Pitch fee – DKK 10,-

Winter camping – seasonal camper (22.09.19 – 28.03.20):

  • Price: DKK. 2.500, –
  • Our new family bathroom is open and heated
  • 1 toilet in the men’s section is used for the chemical toilets (a sign is attached to the door)
  • The kitchen is also open.
  • The living room is insulated and equipped with a wood burning stove and can be used by winter campers.
  • Cleaning once a week (but not when we’re on the road)
  • The water in the square is closed.
  • The light on the court is switched on.
  • Driving on the course is only permitted on the main road, as the course can be very wet in autumn / winter.
  • Recption is not open.

Prices for seasonal pitches

Fastliggerpriser 2019
Helsæson 06.04 – 22.09 (Inkl. 2 voksne)
StandardpladserKr. 8.975,-
Store pladser 112m2Kr. 9.675,-Plads 21, 23, 25, 27, 45, 46, 47, 49
XL pladser 145m2Kr. 10.350,-Plads 22, 43, 44, 65, 66, 88, 89, 111, 132, 133, 141, 142
XL pladser ved søenKr. 11.900,-Plads 162-163
Komfort/UdsigtspladserKr. 13.200,-Med vand og afløb ved søen – Plads 146-168
Nye 2020 Komfortpladser 112m2Kr. 12.700,-Plads 142-145, 148A, 149A
Pr. barn (Hjemmeboende)Kr. 300,-3. barn er gratis
Ekstra personerKr. 600,-pr. person
Strøm pr. kWKr. 3,50,-
MålerlejeKr. 200,-
GæstekortKr. 400,-
HundKr. 100,-
Børnebørn kort (Alle B.B.)Kr. 300,-Indtil 18 år
Forårssæson 06.04 – 22.06 (Inkl. 2 voksne)
StandardpladserKr. 3.600,-
Store pladser 120m2Kr. 3.900,-Plads 21, 23, 25, 27, 45, 46, 47, 49
Pr. barn (Hjemmeboende)Kr. 150,-3. barn er gratis
Ekstra personerKr. 300,-pr. person
Strøm pr. kWKr. 3,50,-
MålerlejeKr. 100,-
GæstekortKr. 300,-
HundKr. 50,-
Børnebørn kort (Alle B.B.)Kr. 200,-Indtil 18 år
Efterårssæson 09.08 – 22.09 (Inkl. 2 voksne)
StandardpladserKr. 1.700,-
Store pladser 120m2Kr. 1.800,-Plads 21, 23, 25, 27, 45, 46, 47, 49
Komfort/UdsigtspladserKr. 2.200,-Med vand og afløb ved søen – Plads 146-168
Pr. barn (Hjemmeboende)Kr. 100,-3. barn er gratis
Ekstra personerKr. 200,-pr. person
Strøm pr. kWKr. 3,50,-
MålerlejeKr. 100,-
GæstekortKr. 100,-
HundKr. 50,-
Børnebørn kort (Alle B.B.)Kr. 200,-Indtil 18 år
Vinterpladser (inkl. familie)Kr. 2.500,-(22.09 – 28.03.2020)
*Forbehold for slåfejl og kursændringer!

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