Active holiday attractions

Cycling holiday

Here is enough bike material for 14 days of exciting camping or on the east coast of Northern Denmark. On the northern coast of Jutland and around Asaa, Dronninglund and Hjallerup offers a varied and magnificent landscape, from the coast to the east to the hills on Jyske Ås West, with many exciting experiences by bike.

Asaa Camping Nordjylland is located directly on the bike path 5. Near the campsite are the two national bike paths 5 and 3 (east coast route and Hærvejs route) and the regional route 59 (Vendsyssel route). These routes are marked with signs and offer good opportunities for cycling to visit some of the most beautiful natural areas in North Jutland. The overview of national routes can be found here: Activities outdoor

Cykling holiday offer


Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport worldwide. In short, the discipline is to stand up on a surfboard and paddle. SUP has become a Hit and can be grown on many levels and can be grown anywhere with easy access to open water – either flat water, in harbors, on rivers, on lakes or on the sea in waves. We have plenty of conditions like this in the area around Asaa, SUP is easy to learn, and everyone can get involved with the sport.

Asaa SUP is open to everyone every Wednesday at 5pm and every Saturday at 2pm.

SUP paddleboard - Asaa Camping

MTB in Dronninglund Great Forest

In the Dronninglund Nature Park there is a simple 2.2 km mountain bike route, which can be used by most people. The route runs through beautiful scenery and the MTB route is kid-friendly, so the whole family can have fun.



Our guests are very excited when they go canoeing on Voerå. You park the car with the landlord and he drives you and the canoes to a point where you drive up the river and you sail back. The journey takes 2 to 4 hours. You have the opportunity to bring a packed lunch and enjoy nature.



Play golf at the Dronninglund Golf Course, 7 km from Asaa Camping and Cabin Holiday. You can play golf at the golf courses of Dronninglund. When you return to the campsite, will you find peace in your own caravan or in one of our beautiful cabins and maybe light the grill?

Golf Club Dronninglund’s facilities are located in a beautiful setting with a variety of challenging areas in and around the Dronninglund Great Forest, which, with their beautiful surroundings, can be a pleasant day out for the whole family.


Cozy family activities


Catch crabs

Actually it is very easy. They take a leash and tie a clothespin at the end. Then a shell, a snail or a worm is put on as bait and the clamp thrown into the water. In a short time there are bites and you pull up. A crab! It’s that simple and yet it’s a little miracle every time. This summer you can try the beach or the harbor.

Every Thursday morning there is crab fishing in the port of Asaa. Here you can just drop by and for 25 Kronen you get all the equipment handed out so you can start fishing. The Asaa Harbor Museum tells exciting stories about the crab and its life and how to tell the difference between a man and a woman.


Carriage rides

Make an authentic carriage ride in our beautiful nature area. It is a world of difference when tourists arrive by car in their car and then board a horse-drawn carriage to explore the area. The tours have different themes, such. Nightingale, winter, art tour, etc.


Football golf

The football golf course in Sørå, about 1 km from the campsite, is an activity for the whole family.
Football golf is a fun game for the whole family regardless of age. Bring the food basket, which is a service house in connection with the place, then the frame is laid out for a good day outdoors.

Attractions and experiences in North Jutland

  • Dronninglund Castle (7 km)

    Dronninglund Castle today functions as a newly renovated hotel, restaurant and conference center. The buildings have been refurbished with respect to the historic setting and open the doors to hotel and restaurant guests daily as well as events of any kind.

  • Voergaard Castle (10 km)

    Behind the wide moat and the metre-thick walls, you will find Denmark’s most beautiful renaissance castle with the scariest ghost stories and finest private art collection.

  • Aalborg Utzon Center (30 km)

    The beautiful Utzon Center on the waterfront in Aalborg is a vibrant center for culture.

  • Aalborg Zoo (35 km)

    Aalborg Zoo is located approx. a half hour drive from Asaa Camping and worth a visit. Many changes have taken place in recent years and the animals have been given much better conditions.

  • Fårup Summerland (52 km)

    Denmark’s largest family park / Aquapark. Here is a wealth of activities for young and old.

  • Farm Fun (55 km)

    Take the kids out and see the animals at a farm.

  • Eagle Reserve (60 km)

    Experience eagles and falcons in a magnificent falcon display.

  • North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals (72 km)

    Europe’s largest aquarium. In the Oceanarium, you can, as the only place in the world, see the North Sea’s great fishing shoals and sharks.

  • Skagen (80 km)

    Visit Denmark’s northernmost city and see the Grenen, where the Kattegat and the North Sea break, the sanded church, art museums and more.

  • Day trip to Læsø

    See the salt factory where you show how salt was extracted in the Middle Ages. Visit the museum with its distinctive seaweed roof or experience the island’s magnificent scenery on rented bicycles.

  • Hjallerup marked

    Experience the historical Horse- and flea market – since 1744. Hjallerup Market is one of the biggest Horse and Trading Markets in Northern Europe