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Asaa Camping og Hytteferie
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9340 Asaa
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Open: 12.04. - 22.09.
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Day trips:

The area around Asaa Camping offers a nice landscape and unique nature. Here you can experience Jyske Ås with fertile fields, large forests, bogs and vast moorland. Here is a sea of good experiences and good opportunities for cycling and hiking tours, and we assist you with maps and our local knowledge.


Sights in Aalborg and Nordjuthland ...

Voerså Canoe. (5 km)
Our guests are wildly enthusiastic when they have been on a canoe trip on Voerå.
You put the car by the landlord and he drive you and the canoes to a loading point up the creek and you are sailing back. A trip takes from 2-4 hours, so there is the possibility to bring a picnic basket and enjoy nature

Catching Crabs (1 km )
Actually it's that simple. One takes a string and the end of the tie a
clothespin. So put a mussel, snail or worm on as bait, and clip thrown in
water. In a short time there is bite, and you pull up. A crab! It's that easy, but
yet it is a little miracle every time. This summer pleasure you can even try on
a beach or in a port. Every Thursday morning arranged in Asaa Harbour crab fishing.

Aalborg Zoo.(35 km)
Aalborg Zoo is located approx. half hour drive from Asaa Camping and cottage holiday and is definitely worth a visit.
There have been many changes in recent years and the animals have much better conditions.

Fårup Sommerland .(52km):
Out in the forest there are amusements and attractions that cater for all ages. Fårup Sommerland has everything the family needs to have a really great day out together.

Middelalder Dage on Voergård Slot.(10km)
Come and experience a fantastik atmosphere, with music, dancing and singing, just as it was then in the year 1533!

North Sea Oceanarium.(72 km):
Visit the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. The Oceanarium contains 4,5 mio. liter water! .

Farmfun. (55km):
There are lots of animals at Farm Fun and all the amusement are free once you have paid the admission fee.

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