Asaa Camping in the north of Denmark, toilet facilities with shower and toilet, kitchen and laundry - Asaa Camping og Hytteferie
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Asaa Camping og Hytteferie
Vodbindervej 13
9340 Asaa
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Open: 12.04. - 22.09.
LON 10 24 9.6480'
LAT 57 8 43.5120'
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Click the image to see our new family bathroom
Click the image to see our new family bathroom

Asaa Camping and Cabins have 2 toilet buildings.
One top and bottom of the campground, so there is not far to go, and very rarely queue. Toilet buildings are not new, but always clean and neat.


Kitchen with 2 ovens, hoods, 3 burner stove and 4 washing areas

Baby room with changing table and 2 small bath. Use of hot water is free for the little ones:-)


2 men and 2 women's departments at the top of the campsite and a family room

At the bottom of the campsite you find a men's department and a lady department and a family room, another building with toilets for men and women, and a kitchen.


Laundry facilities

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